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Its not too late to switch to Sustainability, we just need to change our approach

Updated: May 26, 2022

Often when I interact with my customers the answer is. "Its too expensive, we need it in plastics". In this case its a single use plastic packaging. What we don't realise is we are saving money probably in the present but are (already) paying a heavy price in future. As a store keeper, wholesaler or distribution company 20,000 plastic containers sounds much cheaper than alternatives to it. As a business guy one would probably make more if we give up our choice to not deal in plastics. It's the short sightedness of a business man which is harming us more. But then demand has to stop first. Well!! even that is coming from us. As a society when we stop shopping at stores that are using single use plastics, probably then? But collective thought is difficult to achieve. There will be (and already is) a divide. Consumers who will keep shopping because its "cheaper" against people who are conscientious, and trying to make a difference .

Its Exhausting!!, we will need a complete generation to make this shift. But still one generation is a short time ... don't give up.

Lets give it a Push !!!

Coutesy Raj Mehta -

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