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The Leaf Packaging. Nature in design.

Wooden Packaging on green leaf

Give your Brand a Story

Stand out from the crowd using eco friendly packaging

At Leaf we create a customer experience which is ‘real’. Your organic products deserve a  sustainable packaging that goes hand in hand with its values. Our concept packaging are all handmade and customised as per your brand needs, making  your brand stand out and unique.

Sustainable Packaging
Sustainable Packaging display in store

Unlock Brand confidence for responsible forward organisation

Brand positioning is through the packaging you choose. Next level is how responsible are you.

Our goal is to help individuals and businesses across India to bring their creativity to life. Modern packaging design is a challenge for branding. The emergence of logistics and subscription business is excellent to bring forward both  "how you look" and how you can use the scenario to your benefit.


Wooden Comsetic Bottles

Leaf packaging is initiative of a stubborn RnD team that never gives up


Wooden Cosmetic Packaging

Made in India Initiative. Packaging handmade  right here.


Bamboo Cosmetic Packaging

Manufactured using reclaimed mango wood

The Leaf packaging


Featured Showcase

What Friends of Planet have to say.

Smiling Young Man

Sustainability—particularly regulatory and public concerns around single-use packaging waste—is combining with other powerful trend  to drive major brand  changes in consumer packaging. I love the initiative and creative approach TheLeafPackaging took to make our brand sutainable and responsibe

Brandon Jones

Woman in Yellow

Packaging recyclability. Large amounts of packaging produced today cannot be recycled. However we were able to achieve a product that is reusable and recyclable increasing our brand awareness

Ritu Mehra

Elegant Female

Packaging and waste directives in EU has become an important aspect of life. More premium customers are socially also more focussed and feel responsible. Prodigious was able to break through this  challenge with Leaf packaging.

Leah  Binisti

Leaf Enterprise

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Metal and wood Bottle Bamboo bottle

Metal and Wood Hybrid

Premium Sustainable Packaging

Our Metal and wood options are constructed in pure wood and metal. Not fake plastics sprayed with metal finish. These are excellent to reuse for a long many years.  The more usage makes the metal wood shine more and travels in time to give you that retro look. The br

anding stays on etched in the memory of consumers

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